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the Founder, Positive Life Coach, Creative Director and overall Mama of the beautiful brand Kaila New York. 


Kaila New York is not just the name of my brand it's a way of life.

 I combined two things I love and honor most to create my brand name.



means Style in Hawaiian



  "New York

is the city I was born and raised and is the 

greatest city in the world! 


Kaila New YorkStyle New York













As a positive life influencer, and creative director I take time to listen, help and encourage my clients into the person they want to become.  I work with my clients to design the graphic tee, logo or life plan they see in their heads and then magically package it into a nice design or life for them.  I take time with every client to teach them to put the best them forward not only for themselves but also for their clients and the world around them. 


KNY has an array of services to match your ever-changing world and moods.  Please sample and have fun seeing the different facets of Kaila New York.   Our various services fit the needs of our clients as individuals, not a collective.  Here at KNY, I get to know who you are, what you like and what your dreams are at this stage in your journey and where you will like to be as your journey continues. 

My Counseling/Coaching

My counseling/coaching services are very near and dear to my heart.  Through my journey, I found hurting and struggling people were not given the tools to feel better, to grow or to kill the root cause of their issues.  I don't treat symptoms I coach my clients to find the root problem by giving them a listening ear that not only identifies the holes and pitfalls in their situations but works with them to eradicate it.  

I take such pride in being a creative designer.  Why you may ask?  Because no matter the situation or what you are trying to get accomplished as long as you are creating all things are possible. As a creatively stylish designer I love when my clients say "oh shit, I can't wait to rock, apply or use that!" That means I hit the bullseye!   

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